A modern idea: the underwriter

What many people would today call "outsourcing", characterized as a new idea is, in reality, actually a very old and yet still modern and very successful idea!

As one of the companies which has been granted power of attorney by insurance companies, Gaede & Glauerdt has a wide-reaching scope of action. Some of the powers of attorney, which are, in many cases, lodged at the Chamber of Commerce, are over 100 years old. Gaede & Glauerdt works as a representative of more than 30 insurance companies, mostly in the interface with insurance brokers.

As a modern service provider, we offer the whole range of care for risks to be insured against, unlike the insurance brokers and insurance companies.

By estimating and evaluating the risks to be insured against and granting insurance protection as well as recognizing incurred costs, Gaede & Glaurdt makes binding decisions independently within the framework of the powers of attorney for insurers.

When carrying out our work, we successfully implement a great degree of expert know-how and utilize the great flexibility and imagination of our employees.

The origin and, at the same time, the main focus of our development comes from transport insurance; however, today we have successfully made the transition to other areas of insurance and risk groups and these now function more fluidly than ever. As a result of this, we are constantly trying to develop further and to move into new areas.

Alongside the areas which are well-represented in our office - carrier's liability insurance and technical insurance - we are becoming increasingly active, and very successfully so, in different, self-contained and special risk areas and risk groups.

We hope that we have aroused and/or amplified your interest and we warmly welcome you to Gaede & Glauerdt!